We offer two subscription options – Private and Commercial. Both are yearly subscriptions and will be automatically renewed. 


Both provide access to:

  • Searchable Database of Kerin O’Keefe’s Italian wine reviews
  • Articles and Reports on Italian wine
  • Meet the Winemaker: Profiles on large and small, famous and under-the-radar producers.

The Private Subscription is for non-trade users who will not re- publish or reference the content from kerinokeefe.com anywhere in any form.
The Commercial Subscription is for wineries and trade who want to communicate and/or re-publish limited content from kerinokeefe.com via emails, Social Media, website and other forms of communication.
Please read the detailed Subscription Agreement in the Terms and Conditions section for specific details and restrictions on using and attributing content and to decide which subscription is best for you.



  • Private subscription includes:
    Full access to view all content and reviews on kerinokeefe.com.
    Private subscribers cannot communicate or share any site content in any form.
    Subscribers located in the US will be charged 105 US dollars.


  • Commercial subscriptions include:
    Full access to all articles and reviews on kerinokeefe.com, right to communicate, republish reviews (See the Subscription Agreement for details).
    Subscribers located in the US will be charged 262.50 US dollars.